Converting ideas into shapes & colors.

A place where ideas are brought to life through shapes, colors, and a purpose.



→ Designing across mobile and web at consumer-focused.

→ Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, from concept to completion.

→ Crafting digital experiences in low and high-fidelity for web responsive and mobile native app.

→ Design decisions based on research and communicate them to product, business and technology leaders.

→ Hands-on experience creating wireframes, prototypes, storyboards and user flows.

Celso Santana is a Portuguese UI/UX designer, maker of useful, curious and beautiful things. Born in Leiria and raised in Porto de Mós, he now lives and works in Lisbon.

Curiosity to learn and persistence are two aspects that define me. As a designer, my goal is to establish concepts that will enable the user to have a unique experience and empathize with digital products and services. I am a creative who loves working on projects from conception to execution. It is my goal, to learn as much as I can about my client's business, to help them improve their products.



World Data League - The quest to find the best data scientists by solving social-oriented problems.

PROJECT:  Word Data League

ROLE:  UI/UX Design & Identity


WDL’s mission is to crown the world’s best data scientists by competing to solve social-oriented problems together. We believe that intellectual diversity is the key to solving global issues. We don’t look at age, gender, nationality, or race - our only focus is the solutions. We want to have fun solving problems - no selling, no politics, no bullshit. All of the outcomes are public domain. The data field is evolving every day - you contribute to solving problems and we contribute to your development.

GoWi-Fi Business - Marketing platform that incorporats knowledge and interaction with the real world.

PROJECT:  GoWi-Fi Business

ROLE:  UI/UX Design & Identity


We create new ways to take advantage of Wi-Fi networks. We work with information and promote new interaction concepts, which allow cities, shopping centers, consumer spaces and brands to create real-time communication relationships with segmented consumers. Additionally, we were able to obtain valuable metrics for the business based on the immediate feedback from the communication. With a network of the best partners, we created the largest free and free wi-fi community in Portugal.

GoWi-Fi Community - The biggest free wi-fi community in Portugal. Network with hundreds of locations.

PROJECT:  GoWi-Fi Community

ROLE:  UI/UX Design & Identity


We used hundreds of locations to create a network model and launched an interaction service that allows brands and other entities to communicate with each other so they can offer content that our users prefer. Each hotspot serves as an access point to the internet, but it also allows each individual and the community to interact.

DSPT DAY - Conference in Portugal dedicated exclusively to topics related to Data Science.

PROJECT:  Data Science Portugal

ROLE:  UI/UX Design & Identity


DSPT Day is an independent and international conference in Portugal, organized by DSPT and dedicated exclusively to topics related with Data Science, bringing together professionals, companies, trainers and enthusiasts of related fields. As a result of the imposed restrictions on events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but mostly having our attendees’ safety in mind, we’ve shifted the 2020 edition of DSPT Day to a fully online event – it is now called DSPTDay Online. Besides delivering amazing talks and incredible Data Science content, DSPTDay Online will be completely free!

MOCHE - It's a generation of telecommunications with customized mobile plans.


ROLE:  UI/UX Design


Started as a simple mobile communication tariff and grew into a brand from Altice Portugal, and a brand thatspeaks young people's language, provides you with the best experiences, understands your needs. Focusing on areas of music, gaming and skateboarding, MOCHE presents a new positon sheet and a new value proposition. Fashion, Art, Gaming, Music, Skate and Surf are the new Culture MOCHE.

Weather Wish - Minimalistic weather app that shows just the weather you want.

PROJECT:  Postgraduate degree

ROLE:  UI/UX Design & Identity

Simple weather app that displays only the conditions you are interested in. Unlike traditional meteorological applications, weather wish lets the user request a particular weather condition. Taking foggy photographs or learning skysurfing, for example.


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